Guide to best for millennials and end poverty - global social value curricula


Whose impacts on all their friends and millennial alumni will have created more jobs and sustained a better world than anyone else by 2030- we'd love to hear your view


as yardstick look at these 4 millennial leaders - 2 from the extraordinary Dhaka - epicentre of the greatest miracles of ending rural poverty since 1972 

Jim Kim (Youth) World Bank DC -alumni web ? sharing prosperity Q to Impacts of greatest public health servants

Sir Fazle Abed - BRACDhaka

George Soros - OpenSoc & INETe Budapest NY London -web

Muhammad Yunus millennials greatest twin-capitals jobs-olympics?   Grameen MediatorDhaka,BransonAtlanta-trust banking for 51% w1 YCap Diary

Japan &; S Korea ... Longitude 0.... Central Europe

Peace with gorbachevqueries publishers world record book of job creation Washington DC 301 881 1655

.Future & History of Valuing Sustainability of Civilisations and how human lives are spent!.

Rome is top historically & maybe for 2015now because of Pope,Peace, Club of Rome, IFad & more

UN declaration of year of sustainability

Biggest millennials change capital of last 3 years : DC Alumni of Kim's global social value of healthincluding  end ebola- tipping points of open education and mobilising 


ER Sustainability Exponentials : Global Village Social Value :: What The Economist knew in 1972 about 25 lost years of mass media after world war2 and vision for net generation's 10 times smarter media for humanity and economics for youth

ROME and in rest of Europe Budapest, Glasgow, Paris

HAITI -and in rest of Americas: Panama, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Chile

DC and in rest of USA Boston, San Francisco , LA, San Diego, NY, Atlanta

Nairobi and in Rest of Africa, S.Africa, Ethiopia, W.Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria of Asia Tokyo, China, S. Korea, Singapore

2 more to come


NOTES relating each curricula to dhaka's end poverty miracle - an overview by the partners in publishing world record book of job creation and trillion dollar audit of transparency and sustanabilty's exponential impacts queries



the economic miracle represented by ideology that community health networking needs to be embedded by poorest village mothers (grassroots networking ) before any other economic development can be sustained was pioneered out of bangladesh ... both in the bottom-up valuation models of BRAC and Grameen

 George Soros first got to understand this in 1996 when he funded Yunus' grameen phone -planet women empowerment first mobile leaderp partnerships with poorest village mothers network apps; at about the same time Soros was funding end multi-drug resistant TB in russian prisons with the health service training expertise of jim Kim and his grand mentor at PIH paul farmer

soros and gorbachef also started open society curricula in 1992 with a dedicated central european univrsity in Budapest and gorbachev started nobel peace curicula summit celebrations with club of rome in 2000

soros started funding development of west africa (liberia particularly) around 2009 with BRAC but then needed jim kim and paul farner to come in and link te deepest community health service networking needed to end ebola 

it is farmers knowledge over a third of a century linking boston and haiti where a world clsas etaching hospital Mirabelais was opened in 2013 . Twinning this for africa's number 1 curriculum- rwanda is currently the home base of all partners of farmer in africa; jim kim is currenlty empowering all under 35 millennials (world bank live, tedx end poverty, youth summit) to know the global social value of their community-grounded practice area- only in this way can millennials sustainabilty goals #2030now be openly scaled through elearning networks at the speed of satellite transmisiosn and the reach of 5 billion peoples ( 




Please note as we start 2015 none of these student courses is available yet - but each is technically possible through most of asia and africa now that 5 billion people share the same elearning satellite- we would argue that if eg THE UN is going to succeed with 2015 year of transformation to millennials' sustianability goals then all of these curricula need to start being beamed around the planet in 2015- note curricula can be iteratively built - because each course is edited by the world's most practised expert , we are aiming to share her or his advice on training needed that you would get if you were a place's leader and directly asking for her or his guidance. Such ateention is now the most valuable servant leadership, peoples can ask of how public service is constituted



What is needed is not more money in such cases as the UN but a reallocation of resources and a belief that young local people are worth training and empowering  - a collaboration of around action learning dashboards of the sort that separated colleges with seprated teachers could not achieve in the pre-web , pre-satellite age

 course 1global social value of halt servants- africa community health curriculum course leader paul farmer and partbers in health -goal is to provide ommunity health services everywhere optimising:

quality of health of poorest and most isolated peoples

local jobs of health service networkers 


How this is done:

over a third of a century of development in village contexts

first diseases that can be prevented if there is a lca para-health servant available everywhere - a barefoot nurse if you will

second what training and mobile connectivity is needded to stop the top 10 potentially killer or denailtating diseases

the course includes virtual components groups can watch on e-satellite and then practice in rehearsals- a list of specific disease training where real community vistis need to be made by selected local experts 

health millennials around Paul Farmer together with the open learning architectire of the elearning satellite help ensure that the currilum outline and maps are as uptodat as Paul's brain- which is what his dream of linking in partners in  global social health by and for the poorest has been working on since the start of 1980s 

Planet Dhaka 150 years ago



Dhaka En Route to Every Sustainability Capital

YunusBrand blog (editorial partners worldclassbrands) would love to hear (RSVP ) of highlights of the year of 2009 from Dhaka's youth's viewpoints especially -from Obama's Presidential Award to Dr Yunus, to the Queen of England's knighthood to Sir Fazle Abed to the visits by British Ministers celebrating Dhaka youth as climate champions to the opening of Grameen Veolia and the ever increasing global brand collaboration partnerships celebrating Dhaka Home of Microcredit & Social Business as open system designs of the world's most purposeful and sustainable organisations


Past Washington DC Aug09- Presidential Change Leaders party


next Joy of LIfe celebration with Dr Yunus- Berlin November 2009-  20th fall of wall - host

.Provisional Yunus centre for development celebration Glasgow Feb 2010- host Glasgow Caledonian Uni Partners of Yunus
.World's greatest yes we can summit- April 2010 Nairobi Kenya - lead knowledge sharing teams include Grameen, BRAC, Jamii Bora
Ideas/Questions always welcome - washington dc bureau usa 301 881 1655 - maps of FC 1
visions for 2015 game - cross out vision you disagree with; add in your own vision; send to for sharing with friends if dhaka

End Poverty’s Connecting Millennium Heroes Network Goals by 2015


5 Bangladesh will be on top of the premier league of green and citizens around the world will be wanting to celebrate their team/nation getting into premier league epicenter=global brand ceo creative labs & Bangladesh 15 company consortium

 4 Relegate universities to 2nd division unless they host social business curriculum – Bangladesh’s missing system curriculum-what entrepreneurial revolution’s hunted for since 1976 epicentre=microeconomists of Scottish and Bangladeshi schools epicenter= glasgow&yunusdevcentres

7 It will be normal for the world’s greatest sporting events to co-celebrate league tables’ of humanity’s sustainability progress ; public media like the bbc and DD have a key role in that epicenter =global brand ceo club creative labs

1  Aid’s level playing field – half to be social business up by 2015 – how else will any of eg obama’s or other clinton initiative goals be compounded

 9 YOU & US –exponentially sustainable partnerships of the globe’s most resourced organisational systems and grassroots nets serving most life critical needs

3 there wont be a place on earth where  innovators are not given free access to typing in proven micro ideas on ending poverty- epicentre Grameen Solutions & Bangladesh’s www perhaps with 2 neighboring giants first

8 there will be an unstoppable momentum behind change education from being examined to-down to empowering creative flow in every being community up

2 If in 2015 microcredit Kenya summit is seen to have been humanity’s best ever what needs to happen and connect in Kenya MCS April 2010

epicenter= MCS Sam

6 there will be a portal with a blueprint of how any nation can have an economical rural health

-epicenter dhaka health city’s free rural university


Dhaka, 3 Jan. 2008

The first question I asked Dr Yunus was; if microcreditsummit is humanity's greatest network, how do you see Future Capitalism networks? He said why not 10 times more important. Please ask anyone inspired by what 20 million Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs' social business innovations  can share with the world to identify 9 other MICROservices for and by humanity that 7 billion people want to discuss as much as credit?



YLeaders Y10000 Y1000B Y1000F

 You Next Microsummits you want to help connect Links to You & Us Videos or other stories
 1 Dr Yunus, G All 1  2  3 4 
 2 Professor Latifee, G.Trust Inter government and inter institute; bridging hemispheres  
 3 Dipal Barua, G.Shakti Clean Energy  
 4 Mrs Nurjahan Begum, G Children, Women, Education  
 5 Kazi Islam, G.Solutions Internet for Poor, Mobiles for poor, Dhaka  
 6 Lamiya Morshed, G Future Capitalism Partners,  Education Partners of YunusCentre, Dhaka  
 7 Mrs E-Quanine, G Action Learning, Women, Dhaka  
 8 Mr Sultan, G Health, Social Business Models (SMBA), water, Dhaka  
 9 Samir Chowdhury, G Social Business Models (SMBA), Dhaka  
 10 Mostofa Zaman, YunusF All with particular interest to intercity and intercity youth, Dhaka 1 2 
 11 Chris Macrae, JFH MicroProfessions & mapping all with respect to publicising/branding Industry Sector Responsibility benchmarks, washington dc 301 881 1655  
 12 Norman Macrae, JFH Microeconomics, Mapping back optimistic future community wishes, wimbledon, UK  
 13 Sofia Bustamante, LCL Peer to Peer, London  
 14 Alexis Sumsion Women, New York  
 15 Sam Daley Harris Microcreditsummit, If you only ever populate one sustainability network in your life try first, Princeton, USA  
 16 Professor Zasheem Centre for development of microeconomics, sustainability exponetials and open source certification of social business cases, Glasgow Caledonian Uni, Gklasgiow, Scotland  
 17 Paul Rose, PR, BBC,  BBC polar/solar explorer- supporter of microgreen - on leadership panel of ashden awards with price charles & lord sainsbury's elder daughter sarah, cumbria, england  
 18 Vidar Jorgensen G.AM WorldC  Micro health - convenor of world congress, leading future capitalism partnerships connector in health, founding director of bank of Grameen America, Outer Boston  
 19 Saskia Bruysten Grameen Creative lab Wiesbaden  
 20 Vivian Norris de Montaigu Producer of womens blockbuster YunusMovie, columnists for Huffington Post, paris  
 21 Hans Reitz Creative adviser for Dr Yunus events and Grameen Creative Lab, wiesbaden germany  
 22 Nazrul Chowdhury Grameen banker on secondment in madrid - Spain to be the world microcerditssummit 2011 with thanks to extraordinary efforts of Queen Sofia, Madrid  
 23 Tom Bevan, GC GreenChildren, LA  
 24 Milla Sunde, GC Greenchildren, LA  
 25 Tania Zaman B, BUni BRAC Chief of Staff, Dhaka  
 26 Sunita Gandhi CMS/CIS world's favourite schooling system, Lucknow, India  
 27 Gordon Dryden TLW 21st c education for children  
 28 Isabella WM, IWM DC, skype isabellawm  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bangladesh and China - connections being made by grameen
In preparation , venture between Jack Ma Ali Baba (china's ebay) and Grameen

2 Grameen Bank replications authorised in china: Vice President of China Xi Jinping met Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at his office at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 30, 2009. They discussed the launching of two Grameen operated microcredit companies named as Songpan-Aba Grameen Micro-Credit Co., Ltd in the province of Sichuan and Grameen (Shangdu) Micro-Credit Co., Ltd in the province of Inner Mongolia. The two microcredit companies are at the final stage of being approved by the regulatory authority. Both will be launched in the first quarter of 2010. Chinese Government invited Professor Yunus to set up these two companies.

Special joint venture microloans in earthquake regions:

In March of 2009 Microcapital reported on a project, called the Grameen-CPAD-Danone Micro-Credit Initiative, to bring micro credit to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake that devastated the province in southwest China as well as to impoverished people of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Hebbei Province [1]. The project is a joint operation between Grameen Trust [2], which aims to support microfinance activities around the world, Danone [3], the world’s biggest producer of fresh dairy products, and The Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (CPAD) [4], which implements policies and projects for economic development in poor areas of China. Danone funded the initiative by providing a donation of USD 2.9 million, according to an article in China Daily, while Grameen Trust has provide technical assistance and CPAD has provided policy guidance [4,5]. In addition to these groups, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), whose goals is poverty reduction through various means, has been implementing the project on the ground [5,6].

The initiative was formally launched in March of 2009 and, as of August 31, 2009, has provided over USD 2.3 million in loans aimed at “poor farmers and people affected by the earthquake so that they can earn a living and improve their living standards” [5]. Six cities and counties, in and out of the Sichuan region, have been targeted by the program: “Mianzhu and Shifang cities in the quake zone, Kulun County in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Wuyi, Wanquan and Pingquan counties in Hebei Province” [5].In Mianzhu alone, over USD 870,000 in loans has helped 338 farmers and allowed 298 families to rebuild their homes, according to Liu Dongwen, CFPA deputy executive director [5]. Liu has set the goal of providing loans totaling over USD 24.6 in the next three years [5].

Li Jiaying, customer manager of Mianzhu Branch Office of CFPA Microfinance Management Co Ltd, a microfinance institution involved with the project, cites the ease of loan application and a low interest rate as part of the program’s success in reaching the poor and those affected by the earthquake. “He or she only needs to find a warrantor [to obtain a loan]” says Li [5]. “After one files the application, he or she can get the loan between three and seven days. “Another reason [for the program’s popularity],” says Li, “is [that] the interest cost for borrowing a loan is only 8 percent” [5].

2007 national strategy lecture: bangladesh growing up with 2 giants

6:02 pm edt 

Bangladesh and Japan Trade Exchanges hosted by Grameen

Kyushu University Technology Lab
Kyushu Univerity Mayor Twin City with Social Business
Uniqlo partnership with Grameen - may move all manufacturing to Bangladesh if costs of manufacture in China keep increasing

Announcement of "super bean" much loved in Japan grows better in Bangaldeshi soil; joint ventire starting with Grameen- Japan's leading agro-company Yukiguni Maitake Co. (YMC), Ltd today signed a joint venture agreement with Grameen Krishi Foundation (GKF) for establishing a new social business in the field of agriculture. The joint venture aims to produce high quality mung beans in Bangladesh for both domestic consumption and export to Japan

Possibility of JICA & Grameen venture

continuing reltionship with Rikkyo University

Yunus visit to Japanese Emperor family

Half of delegates to Social Business Day in Dhaka 2010 were from Japan:
Hiromi Inayoshi, Brand Inc , Creative Director
Hiroko Kawahara, NGO Earth
Yukihro Nitta UNIQLO CSR Director
Eiko Sherba UNIQLO
Ashir Ahmed, Kyushu Uni and Grameen Tech Lab
Kazuo Ogata, Kyushu University Professor
Takuzo Ohsugi. Kyushu Uni, Research Fellow
3:06 pm edt 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yunus Brand New 2010s I was priviliged to co-host dr yunus 69th birthday dialogue in June 2009. On his birthday the brand new YunusCentre was launched

Dr Yunus is forming partnerships with 12 different types of organisational typologies and leaderships gravities - these being the university partners to date. The aim is to leverage his world stage connections that launched to new levels of trust multipication with the nobel prize and the world's first global social business partnership Grameen Danone during a hectic 12 month period 2005/2006.

The opportunity is to make global grameen the world's favourite brand by standing for global partnerships of sustainability that are anchored by micro up system design models. This can get us back on track with my dad's 1984 scenarios of what it will take if globalisation as overarching system design is to bend back to sustainability in these last Yes We Can years

My understanding is that 3 webs (YC above and GSB and YF) edited out of Dhaka carry the latest news; when I see something important to connect round I will try and return here with a bookmark

This is one of the short youtubes I made of the meeting of the first 100 alumni of Global Grameen that was convened by yunus corporate supporter volkswagen during the week Yunus was in germany celebrating the 20th fall of the wall in november

although I have personally invited over 50 people to join meetings with dr yunus in new york, london and dhaka during 2 years of moderating 1000 bookclub and dvd 10000 , it seems that the sustainability stories of SB that we could be talking about most are only being clubbed out of london and dc by media, mediation and young people I know well and paris and wiesbaden; if you feel that your city could do more with social business bookclub stories, I will be starting the next 1000 bookclub around yunus neew book spring 2010; so now is a good time to start swapping stories of what sustainabilty SB compasses you most want to help co-navigate DC               301 881 1655         301 881 1655 - skype isabellawm - family foundation
6:17 pm est 

2010.10.01 | 2010.01.01

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leadership quest dhaka - my 5th visit oct 2010
updated news and contacts from my last visit to dhaka
1 Kazi Islam has moved from leading grameen solutions in house at grameen bank to leading a division in bangladesh's biggest compny - at grameen phone IT he seems to specialising on areas of egovernment that will indirectly help the poor and earn trust with the government since some of the more revolutionary tech inter-nation projects need governments approval ; both yunus and kazi confirmed yunus wanted this move
2 we met abser kamal now acting director of grameen shakti ; whilst not as flamboyant as dipal he's deeply experienced having begun in grameen fisheries decades go and appears to be doubling solar units every 15 months or so - eg from 300000 units end 2009 to 500000 end 2010 ; jonathan has multiple copies of the new gramen brochure and I have a new slide kit if you want it
3 grameen danone is now making profits just - and  decision has been made to start a second factory; this one may be just under double size of first one and nearer dhaka; danone communities sb fund is starting to fund a second social business in bangladesh but I think they maybe said this wasnt danone related; I extremely briefly met someone from interactis which seems to be another consultant within credit agricole that danone communities sb fund uses (previously I have met ideam subsidiary which stuctures unit funds); interactis is one for parisians to provide more detail on in due course
4 yunus is welcoming otto's ceo next week to break ground on the otto factory; this will be in the grameen social business industrial park (sarabo union, kashimpiur, gazipur) which includes
Grameen Fabrics & Fashions
Grameen BSF Mosquito nets
Grameen Fibreglass
Grameen energy sving bulg
Uniqlo- according to lamiya this japanese outerwear supplier has decided tht its manufctirering contracts in china are getting too expensive and may move all manufctiring over next fw years to bangaldesh
5 another example of trade with japan is that there is some type of beasnprout which the japanese love but which bangladesh has better soil for - this is becoming  a new grameen venture 
6 the grameen nursing college is expected to scale up with trainers coming from as many as 4 universities - glasgow cal is expected to be joined by mcgill emory and PennU
7 there is now a web
8 SB Professor Cam Donalsdon's first visit to Dhaka was the cuse of multiple celebrations
9 at a good moment sir fazle abed shook hands with mostofa and I ; mostofa has been promised an interview with sir fazle; sadly BRAC'S chief operations director Brother Alum died suddenly age 61 

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